Episode 5 – Online Income

Episode 5: Online Income

This episode is all about online income. Luckily when it comes to online income we have some of the best and brightest minds working here at Income Store. They are always ensuring that we are doing everything possible to create the most profit and provide the best service for entrepreneurs just like you. In this episode we dive into what it takes to create and sustain an online business that generates passive revenue for our clients.

Here is what you can expect in Episode 5:
We'll hear from our founder:
Kerri and Ken know a few things about Online Income. Not only has Ken written a book about it, they’ve built a 6 time inc. 5000 awarded internet marketing business. They understand that creating an online income isn’t just about putting out an idea out into the online universe. It’s about being present, honest, innovative and not intimidated by roadblocks. In this segment we will be hearing about their journey in creating businesses online since the early days of the internet.

The panel discussion regarding paid traffic:
In previous episodes we’ve touched on organic website traffic using SEO strategies. But in this panel we are going to be sitting down with three brilliant minds to talk about how they drive website traffic to your e-commerce stores. It’s an entirely different strategy when you’re running a Facebook ad campaign and retargeting, a Google shopping ad, generating leads and sending people to carefully crafted landing pages. It’s quite a process with a lot of moving parts, and cooperation that spans across multiple department. The episode contains an shorter version. For the full panel, see below.

Meeting our site partners:
Becoming an internet entrepreneur is possible at any age, as you will see in this interview with Carol and Jerry. In this segment we will hear about what helped inform their decision to become a client, and create a new online business for themselves. This has allowed them the time, flexibility and freedom to live on their own terms. See their full interview below or click to view it here.

Welcoming David Kelley:
In this segment Kerri, Ken and David Corbin sit down with Income Store’s new CEO David Kelley to talk about his journey and the plans he has for this company. This is only part of the story and we’ll be linking to the full interview as well. We are very pleased to have David Kelley on board! See the full David Kelley interview here.

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Meet Carol and Jerry Perone

We had the privilege of sitting down with the Perones to talk about their background, and what led them to Income Store. We got to hear about their experience with us and their interesting goals as a couple. You won't want to miss out on this full interview.

The Full Paid Traffic Interview

Hear more about the teams, how they work together, and the strategy involved in running paid traffic campaigns for hundreds of e-commerce websites. Hint: it's not a simple process. There is a lot of thought, research and testing that goes into it. The team extends to way more than the 3 people you see on this panel, but they do a great job of letting us into their processes and workflow.


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