Episode 3 – SEO

Inside of Episode 3: Search Engine Optimization

If you've been in the internet marketing space for any length of time, chances are you've at least heard of the acronym SEO. But if not, no worries. Either way we've got you covered here in Episode 3. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it plays a huge role in the success of Income Store's revenue generating websites. That's why we've dedicated this episode of Income Store TV to learning exactly what SEO is, and how Income Store uses search engine optimization to improve the performance of our websites.

Join us on a little road trip (notice the thumbnail of this video pictured above) with Jonathan Hostetler and Mike Juba to talk about SEO. What better way to illustrate the forward movement of our web properties as it pertains to SEO than to talk about some of these points while moving forward in a vehicle. And of course you have to have some fun with it too! So we called it "SEO Specialists in Cars Getting Ice Cream". Do you get the reference? Let us know if you do.

As always, you'll hear from Ken and Kerri Courtright with some valuable insights into how to be found online and grow your business! We also had the privilege of talking with a site partner, Larry Pepe. Larry comes to us with a really impressive background as a veteran Mixed Martial Arts analyst and broadcaster, and has won multiple prestigious awards for his accomplishment in that space. You'll hear more about that. You won't want to miss hearing from him. Watch Larry's full interview below, or click here!

We really hope you enjoy this episode, and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for watching!


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