Episode 2 – Marketing

In our latest rendition of Income Store TV, we cover the ins and outs of Marketing. You’ll hear from Ken and Kerri Courtright about how they have adapted to marketing over the years. To watch the full interview with Kerri and Ken, click HERE!

And do you realize the vital role that data plays when it comes to marketing? If you are not able to gather, process and analyze data, you can't market effectively. And when you have a very large portfolio of websites, gathering and aggregating large amounts of data could be an absolute nightmare. But in this episode you will hear from Dan Reno, our Director of Marketing as he leads the group in discussing these challenges, and how we at Income Store rise up to meet these challenges head on, build solutions, and overcome.

Meet Tiffany, and learn about some of our company's core values. She'll share with us which of our 12 core values most resonates with her, and how she sees it at play in her everyday life.

You’ll get to meet some more of our wonderful site partners, David and Arlene Brown. They have a great story!

We are so excited to share this episode with you and we hope you learn something and enjoy.

Let's go behind the scenes...

Here is a quick look at some of what goes into filming these segments. Sometimes we're in our studio, or in various parts of the Income Store headquarters. And other times we have to take it on the road and film in other parts of the country! Not complaining.

filming at Income Store bar room with Tiff and Dave

You might recognize this room from the first episode! It's a space for parties or events, but it also becomes a place for collaboration, phone calls, team meetings and it's even a great place to film.

david corbin talking

Just before we rolled cameras, Dave and Tiff were having a chat about some important, I'm sure.

behind the bar filming david corbin

Lights, camera, action...

Tiffany Clough in the studio

We often film in our studio as well. If you see anyone being filmed on white (i.e. Dave and Arlene Brown), this is where that happens. Here we're filming Tiffany, sharing a core value that she holds dear.

David on the wooden dance floor

The bar room is very versatile. Pictured here is Dave on the "dance floor" Look for this room in a number of our episodes! The brown paneling is a dead giveaway. It's in the old style, preserving the original look and feel of this 1970s room.

man with a serious face

Filming is serious business. Look at that poise! But in all seriousness, we do have fun filming, AND we also take it very seriously. We want to be articulate, and communicate clearly and with heart, regarding what goes on inside and outside of these walls.

Schedules are tight. Everyone is busy. That's where some careful planning is essential in order to put all the pieces of this video newsletter together. Some of us were in Las Vegas for a mastermind event where Ken and Kerri were speaking. Since we were already going to be there, filming them, we scheduled a shoot with Dave Corbin for Episode 2.


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